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Making Art Glass Vases

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Ever wonder how Art Glass Vases are made? This pectoral (HA! beware insta spell check!) This pictorial post will take you through the steps.


Slump, ceramic molds, fusing, kiln formed glass
Take a circle of sheet glass and decorate it. Add feet if your mold doesn't provide a flat bottom.

Frit Casting, tack fuse
Decorate the outside of the vase. Decide what kind of texture you want. Decide to pre-tack design elements or defy gravity

Frit slurry, Kiln formed glass, Fusing
Decorate the inside if desired

Fusing, Slumping, Creative Paradise Molds
Place glass circles on slumping molds and let glass be "kissed by fire"

Art Glass, Fused glass, Slump
Carefully De-mold art glass vases

Murrine, flass frit
Clean new creations

art glass iridized
Functional Art ready to serve you

Art glass vessel
Fill with hand crafted soaps or candy and ENJOY!

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