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2020 Was a Fork in the Woods

Two paths diverged in the woods, we all took the path less traveled. Who isn't having the 2020 they never expected, right? Mine started in January with a shortage in critical N95 dust masks that I use in cleaning, mold release, and powder work. Just when I thought I could get back into the Studio, two dams broke and took out our town of Sanford Michigan, including power and internet stations. It was a while before stable power was restored, and we experienced many outages and brown outs, so I unplugged the Kiln and waited. Horror movie # 1 Pandemic - check, horror movie # 2 Flood - check. Hopefully the rest of the year will balance out and we'll have a really great movie or two to live through. Either that or Godzilla will walk past the window.

I am hoping to get back into the studio soon. In the mean time I thought I'd write a little about The Bird in Flight House. In 2008 we purchased the Francis "Red" Warner family home on a bluff over the Salt river. The house was built in 1960 by Red Warner as a mid century modern in his unique style. The house is literally in the shape of a bird in flight.

I have had the pleasure of hearing many stories from Jo Warner and Leslie Warner about the people and animals that have lived here on this wonderful land. Over the years I've thought that I'd like to capture some of them. The first story is how the house got its name. This year, 2020 we have been using some of Red's original drawings, to make some updates and additions to the house following the original mid century spirit as much as possible. The builders decided to dub our house "Airplane house" but we ladies felt that the house is really a bird shape. For one thing, the wings are V shaped, like a raptor in flight. Also the mid century prairie home movement was all about realizing dreams. What better metaphor for that than a Bird in Flight? We also decided against choosing any particular bird because everyone has a favorite so why limit the imagination? And that is how The Bird in Flight house got its name.

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