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Artist's Statement:

I have always been drawn to the transformative alchemy of glass. From sand and fire comes riveting form, light and function. A beautiful piece takes you on a journey, body and soul; that is at once transformative and personal. We surround ourselves with beautiful objects for the same reason we visit nature: to transform our minds with beauty. 


I want to find my unique voice in glass again and again. I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. That bores me and if it bores me it probably bores you. I have been blessed with a rewarding career in Science and Engineering so I don’t have the pressure of pushing art to supporting myself. I can pursue the purity of art for art’s sake.  I can take the time to test new techniques. In science there is constant learning and great curiosity. The joyful flame of discovery should be evident in one’s art. 

Artist's Biography-ish:

I am contemporary glass artist living in Sanford Michigan. I grew up in the Berkshires in Massachussetts surrounded by performing arts and the natural beauty of the Appalachians. Almost every day I would lose myself in explorations of the woods, bogs, ponds and rocky outcrops near my home. I took painting classes, illustrated the covers of the middle school news paper and dreamed of being an artist - scientist. I earned a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering with Honors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I practiced Science and Engineering in industry for many years and as a result have been able to bring passion for learning and applying scientific techniques to my art. 


I collect Native American and mid Century Modern art, because I am inspired by the mathematical, geometric perfection, spiritual impact and avant-guard humor. My work is described as unique, joyful, playful, colorful and out of the box. I hope you will feel these influences too. 


I have a strong interest in pushing limits to find my unique voice in glass. I have studied with cutting edge artists Alicia Lomne, Evelyn Gottschall Baker, Lois Manno and Cathy Claycomb.

My work has been shown and is available at local shows and galleries. 

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